3 Headed Dog Tattoo

The dog is a loyal servant of hades and guards the entrance to hell.

3 headed dog tattoo. The three headed dog of greek mythology there are many unique creatures mentioned in greek mythology. Cerberus tattoos can be performed in different styles and on any part of the body. It was the job of cerberus to guard the entrance to hades.

Cerberus hellhound mythological three headed dog the guard of entrance to hell. See more ideas about cerberus tattoos greek mythology tattoos. 590 580 bc a corinthian cup from argos see below now lost cerberus was shown as a normal single headed dog.

Isolated tattoo style vector illustration. The first appearance of a three headed cerberus occurs on a mid sixth century bc laconian cup see below. My guess is that the building behind hercules is the building atop mt.

There are plenty of grand reasons to pursue a glorious cerberus tattoo. The vicious three headed dog is a godly omen of manliness. In art cerberus is most commonly depicted with two dog heads visible never more than three but occasionally with only one.

Apr 20 2017 explore tattoomaze s board cerberus tattoo followed by 9736 people on pinterest. Capture and bring back cerberus the three headed dog of hades he s basically a giant watchdog the tattoo above beautifully depicts a muscular hercules in the process of defeated in the lernaean hydra. I like dark blackwork similar to the neo noir style of tattooing.

In greek mythology this was the underworld where spirits of the dead. 3 headed dog hi all i ve been wanting to get a three headed dog tattoo cerberus preferably as rottweilers and to have them snarling. Olympus home of the greek gods.

In mythology cerberus a dog with three golovamii on the neck which moves poisonous snake instead of a tail the dog is a snake. One of the most well known may be the three headed dog known as cerberus. North new jesey tattoo stud.

Two headed dog tattoo. Still the constant is the presence of a dog with three heads which is an indication of increased aggression a continual expectation of a threat and the readiness to attack at any moment. Aficionados of mythology love this animistic expression and it digs dip into the annals of mankind s lore to deliver dynamic devilishness.

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