Can You Still Get A Job With A Neck Tattoo

As a veterinarian you can easily get jobs without being judged for your tattoos especially since you would be working directly with clients most of the time.

Can you still get a job with a neck tattoo. In a nutshell the older you are the less tolerant you become regarding tattoos. Infographic explains if you can get a job with a tattoo. Even if you are fortunate enough to get a job without revealing your tattoos at the time of the interview there is a possibility of it coming to light during a medical examination or employee trip etc.

32 points 2 years ago. I would check around next time you buy. However there are some hiring managers out there that only want to hire plain skin people ie no body art visible.

Neck tattoos are notoriously hard to keep from fading and blurring. Today it seems like almost everyone has tattoos but there are still many workplaces that require ink to be covered up. Sleeves and chest pieces are fine hand and neck are not.

While your mom might worry that a tattoo could affect your employment prospects the reality is that in most cases it looks like having a tattoo won t affect your job opportunities at all and. Starbucks does not allow their barista to have visible tattoos but in vancouver i worked at multiple cafes with visible tattoos on my neck and forearm and often see barista s with visible work. If you have a tattoo it is practically impossible to get a job in a public office a financial agency such as a bank or an insurance company or many well known large corporations.

Steer clear of offensive designs. We don t hire people with tattoos that are visible outside a long sleeve work shirt. From an ethical stand point many tattoo artists simply won t do neck tattoos because it s putting the person s job and future at risk especially if they are not already heavily tattooed.

Here you ll find over 100 career opportunities for people with visible ink. To answer your question there is no answer. Another career idea where your skills and professionalism matter more than your physical attributes is website designing.

Tattoos that are difficult to conceal for example on the hands neck and faces are obviously likely to present job applicants with greater problems in securing employment timming explains. It s a big step and a big decision to take for most enthusiasts. Also if you ve got a tattoo that ties to a controversial ideology we d rather not hire you.

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