Cherry Blossom And Lotus Flower Tattoos

With links to historical japan where they have long been an ever present part of the scenery and culture and with their breath taking appearance that never seems to go out of style cherry blossoms truly are the ultimate flower tattoo.

Cherry blossom and lotus flower tattoos. Cherry blossom tattoos are normally tattooed in the method of vines that wrap around any part of body or as the whole tree with blossoming flowers. For some cherry blossom flower tattoos represent empathy. Cherry blossom tattoos have a nifty and spiffy look both on women and men.

For others they serve as a reminder that beauty and life are fleeting. Koi and cherry blossom sleeve by lauren fox. They re usually used in tattoos alongside.

Pagoda and cherry blossoms by jess martucci. Cherry blossom designs make gorgeous flower tattoos. Cherry blossom and waves on ribs by enku shoji.

The cherry blossom flower is radiant and gorgeous. Cherry blossoms are blown from their branches in even the slightest wind making them incredibly delicate. Ultimately the cherry blossom tattoo symbolizes life death and rebirth much like the phoenix.

The cherry blossom floral tattoo design also shares a huge popularity among the tattoo enthusiasts. The weaker sex gets tattooed the tree twig or tree in a full blossom blended with the butterflies birds dragonflies vines and the others flowers. For buddhists the cherry blossom tree stands for wisdom renovation and beginning of new life.

The lotus flower represents purity an exquisite flower emerging from a murky pond. The japanese style and culture are best represented by the cherry blossom flower design and the flower is considered special to the people of japan because it looks highly radiant and gorgeous.

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