Chest Piece Tattoo Price

Tattoo artists charge a wide variety of prices.

Chest piece tattoo price. 400 600 maybe less depending on size color ect. However a chest piece that covers your entire chest can go upwards of 2 000. Arkansas 36040 posts.

You ll also notice that the cost per hour doesn t increase dramatically till you get a professional artist. I have 8 tattoos and all of them were pieces that took more than 2 hours each so im pretty used to the pain by now. For a large tattoo like a half or full sleeve prices start at 500 and can go all the way up to 4 000 for.

The majority of my medium tattoos cost me 200. If you are getting smaller tattoos on your chest you are looking at somewhere around 100. Given all the variables stated by others i would guess somewhere between 400 and 2400.

The chest is a large canvas to tattoo on. My chest was the most sensitive out of them all. Tattoos are an investment no matter where they are placed but if you have your eye on a piece in an area as expansive and as front and centre noticeable as the chest you have to know that you ll be spending a good amount of your hard earned money to ensure that you re going to get the exact tattoo you want.

Because small tattoos take less time and big ones require more an hourly rate is the best way to understand tattoo prices by size. The average cost for a small tattoo like a heart or cross is 50 to 250 for a medium sized tattoo like a tribal or portrait expect to spend between 150 and 450 hiring a tattoo artist typically costs 120 to 150 per hour and prices depend on how long it takes. But i have a couple that are vary detailed for the.

Therefore the cost of this tattoo could widely range in cost. Like if you have a chest piece how much was yours and how big is it. It s not horrible but its definitely something you might not want to experience more than once.

In terms of pricing you might want to refer to the sizing chart. Here s a chart of tattoo prices based on hourly rates. For example i ve got some small doodles that cost me 90.

2 get a reputable tattoo artist not a scratcher in somebody s basement or garage. I ve had flat rate tattoos. There is no fixed price for a full sleeve tattoo.

1 you ll have it for life. Delicate sternum tattoos and bold under breast designs are unique in a very personal area of the body and can be easily covered or shown off so it s easy to see why women everywhere have embraced the trend and a classic upper chest piece still looks amazing as ever on men and women. 3 get a tattoo designed for you.

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