Do Palm Tattoos Fade Completely

The skin there is not only thick but it sheds at a much faster rate than anywhere else so the ink has to be put in harder.

Do palm tattoos fade completely. Mainly because it will fade away and you will have to go to retouch it. The biggest problem with palm tattoos is that they ve often temporary. If you want to get through that painful process once again it s your call.

So while celebrities like beyonce and her iv ring finger tattoo have made the. But if you wish a well visible tattoo that is less painful we d recommend getting it on the hand wrist or the fingers. If you ask us it s not worth getting a tattoo on the palm.

It does have a tendency to fade faster and more than a tattoo on your arm or leg because you have to use your hand for just about everything in life and you can t have your freshly done tattoo being rubbed by anything or touch and you have to wash it frequently and since hands are the most germ prone it would be more likely to get infected. Tattoo artist that did my palm. To anyone who ever wondered and thought that my palm tattoos will fade and all palm tattoos fade this is my response.

They may need retouching every few months or years. After almost 2 years this is how they look. Because the skin on your palm has a different and faster regrowth pattern than the rest of your body palm tattoos are susceptible to faster fading than other tattoos.

But if you do a little research you ll find that finger tattoos can fade in addition to other troublesome facts. Another step to maintain your tattoo is to go bold.

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