Do You Tip Your Tattoo Artist For A Touch Up

If the artist did a bad job at the tattoo and you needed a touch up because of that then i personally wouldn t tip.

Do you tip your tattoo artist for a touch up. If you plan on going back there for the rest of your tattoos i would tip no matter what. Finally you want to leave a good impression on your tattoo artist in case you come back and offering them a tip is one of the fastest ways to make them your friend. If you choose another artist you are going to pay for sure.

For touch up sessions i tip 10 hr so 10 25. You can get a tattoo and walk right out of the shop without leaving a tip behind if you feel inclined to do so. In reality your tattoo artist doesn t always pocket the full 500 out of your 500 tattoo.

You should never think of touch up when your tattoo is still recovering. She tipped her artist because it was her fault. He still has supply costs and rent to pay.

It s very important to show that you appreciate your artist s talents and their efforts so that they can show a lot more passion for your future projects. What to do to get a touch up you should wait until your tattoo is completely healed. Even if you get a touch up free of charge you might still want to consider giving your tattoo artist a tip.

I always tip my artist. You should inquire about the touch up before choosing an artist for your tattoo. Tipping keeps me in good standings and he always goes above and beyond for me because i take care of him.

After all your touch up will require sterilized equipment ink and a bit of their time no matter how small it is. Sure you ll get a few bad looks however there s more to consider than just that alone.

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