Egyptian Lotus Flower Tattoos

Tiny variants of the lotus flower looking exquisite and gentle.

Egyptian lotus flower tattoos. It is a lotus of the buddha. Geometrical lotus tattoos are also unique designs. This flower has also been used in various ceremonies and rituals ranging from giving birth to death.

Lotus flower tattoo designs have a deep meaning. Water lily egyptian rendering that still survives in the name of susanna was especially popular. The meanings of lotus tattoo for you.

Types of lotus flower tattoos. The egyptian cultures see lotus flower tattoo as the origination of life and rebirth. Also the blue lotus was used in celebrations and rituals for passage into the afterlife.

Ancient egyptian lotus the lotus symbolised the creation purity and rebirth the lotus flower is the equivalent of our ancient egyptian rose the queen of flowers. The lotus flower plays a big part in buddhism. Religious and spiritual ceremonies also make use of it making it an incredibly popular flower.

Lotus flower tattoo meaning. Across the ages the lotus flower has stood for different things across different cultures including. Though it caters everyone lotus tattoo is the best option for the people who want to show their devotion and respect towards the religious believes.

The ancient egyptian tombs and sarcophagus were symbolically decorated with the blue lotus crowns. Because of this in egyptian culture the lotus is a symbol of life s beginning and reincarnation. So if you try an ancient egyptian style lotus outline tattoo then it would be a cool idea too.

The egyptian lotus flower tattoo popularly known as the water lily and used in spiritual rituals. In my opinion lotus drawing tattoos turn out to be way cooler than colorful lotus tattoos. Egyptian culture ancient egyptian mythology included the belief that the beginning of life on earth was marked by the blooming of the lotus flower from the sea.

Aug 26 2015 explore kelly s board egyptian blue lotus on pinterest. Pink lotus is considered as the highest. So the each color of the flower has its own meaning that has the reflection on the images of lotus tattoos.

It is a religion widely practiced in eastern and central asia. Egyptian in the egyptian culture the lotus flower was associated with ra the sun god atun which represented existence and creation. Lotus flower tattoos in buddhism.

Ancient egyptian mythology according to egyptian mythology a lotus is a flower that is created from the fluid chaos of the world. The bright yellow american lotus flower tattoo. Western the western culture has a similar meaning of this beautiful flower and sees it as a representation of a new beginning.

In chinese cultures the divine beauty of lotus has always been a muse for poets and artists.

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