Female Triangle Tattoo Meaning

Meanwhile a triangle that is pointed downward can mean.

Female triangle tattoo meaning. Here we present you 50 most beautiful triangle tattoos for men and women. Mind body and spirit. Female or femininity mother cave passivity down lunar shakti.

Often triangle tattoos are also symbols of creativity and simplicity. Getting a triangle tattoo therefore will have a lot of meaning to yourself and everyone who sees it on your skin. Likewise in norse culture three interlocking triangles known as a valknut were said to protect.

The triangle has many meanings dating back to ancient civilizations. Triangle tattoos meaning can depend and here a few major meanings past present and future. You might try this sight on the internet and see if it answers your question i always thought it was attributed to the holy trinity and christianity but to my.

There are a variety of other meanings as well. When two triangles are combined it can be used to demonstrate humanity. A triangle turned upside down represents a woman mother positivity balance and creativity.

Tattoo me now an online resource for artists and patrons alike further notes that in greek culture the delta glyph triangle symbolizes a doorway to higher wisdom the combination of thought and emotion supposedly opens the mind up to higher wisdom making the triangle a very sacred symbol. Triangle tattoo designs ideas and meanings all you need to know about triangle tattoos in geometric terms a triangle is a polygon with three sides and three angles. Find and save ideas about triangle tattoo meanings on pinterest.

To add some more meaning to this upside down tattoo a wave has been added to it. Thought feeling and emotion. When you select tattoo triangle it is important to remember that any additional detail in the image can change the meaning of the sacred enclosed in a geometric figure.

Mother father and child. Three dimensional triangle a geometric figure is applied to the body in three dimensions often supplemented by other objects. Triangle tattoo i got done on my 21st birthday.

Triangle tattoos usually point upwards but an upside down triangle tattoo has a beautiful meaning too. It is one of the oldest and most widely used symbols so much so that many of the non triangular symbols we use today actually derived from a triangular symbol.

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