Flock Of Birds Tattoo Meaning

Dove as we ve already discovered doves are symbolic of peace and love.

Flock of birds tattoo meaning. Feathers can signify many things including freedom of flight and letting go. Because men are drawn by the eagle s power strength and its majestic appeal. Since bird tattoos can be scaled down to a truly minute size you could even have several birds within one very small design.

When mixed we get the meaning of the black bird tattoo. It is a good theme that can be used as a tattoo design in many interesting ways. They look as if they are up in the sky with a particular purpose and are flying around trying to fulfill that.

When you look at a flock of birds flying around it leaves you with a good feeling. Tattoo symbolism is such a rich way to express your beliefs and anything you like to hold of value into a cherished design. The bird in general is a representation of a higher path of knowing life in the heavens and higher ideals while the black color is a symbol of pure potential.

The image above on a forearm shows birds both near and far spaced in a very natural way. A flock of birds in flight is a popular choice as are several birds perched on a wire or tree branch. If these values are something you identify with a dove tattoo design could be perfect for you.

Overall we can say the black bird tattoo symbolizes higher thought higher ideals and higher intelligence. One of the more recent tattoo trends that has really taken flight is feather tattoos. They are also associated with innocence and purity of spirit.

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Source : tattoopint.com