As a tattoo artist i consider it my duty and duty of every other tattoo artist to help the client in choosing the best place to get a tattoo.

Good tattoo to get. The choices of designs for both men and women are different. Tattoos are a huge commitment. If you want to have a nice tattoo of david beckham michael jackson brad pitt bruce lee marilyn monroe or superman batman the joker and so on imagine tattoo studio is the smart choice.

While you can obviously get a tattoo wherever you like and touch up any ink that starts to fade some locations are better than others when it comes to ink that ll look good forever. If you re struggling to alight on a style for your first tattoo this could be a good place to start. It was a launching pad for a sleeve done by three separate artists mostly by nicolas gualteros at sena tattoo and is a prime example of how you can blend more than one style into something inimitably unique.

If you re looking to get a new tattoo you want it to be the best. For example getting a meaningful family quote name cross tribal lion skull phoenix or wolf tattoo can be a great decision. That s why we re highlighting 74 of the best tattoos we ve seen.

Take a second and answer. Obviously getting a tattoo with a player s name is rarely a good idea aren t they traded all the time but getting the team s logo and colours might create the look you are looking for and get you on tv next time you go to a game if you show it off. If you re a big sports fans then getting a tattoo of your favorite team might be a good option for you.

Men can have a tattoo on the chest but the most woman would often reject it. A post shared by chara kyriakidou chara tattooer on jun 22 2018 at 1 52am pdt blackwork. Take this crescent moon for example.

Although butterfly tattoos have been popular for decades there is a timelessness about them and the wide variety of designs have ensured that each piece remains unique to the wearer. Any tattoo you get can serve as an anchor to an eventually larger more elaborate piece. These should give you some ideas of what to take to your artist.

So you want to think it through before committing to a design right. Best studio to get inked of your idols or favourite movie characters. If you re looking for inspiration for fresh new ink you may want to consider a butterfly.

So you can t waste surface area with a tattoo that s subpar. Butterflies can be delicate and beautiful but they can also represent transformation resilience. Plus guys have the option of picking any part of the male body to get tattooed including their arm chest shoulder back leg wrist or hand ultimately the choice to get inked can be an easy one but finding a badass design and determining where to get it may.

At least make sure it fits your personality. Even if you think they re no big deal and already have a sleeve full of them that s still permanent art that you re about to ink on your body.

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