Half Moon Tattoo On Finger

This moon tattoo is very bright and vibrant and that is probably because of the cute blue and pink color tones.

Half moon tattoo on finger. See more ideas about tattoos half moon tattoo moon tattoo. Women inked these tattoos in small size on wrist ankle and behind the ear where it looks more attractive and removes the negative energy from our life. The yin represents the sun while the yang represents the moon in this tattoo set.

Crescent moon have different meaning according to its designs and it symbolize positive energy growth and creativity. A miniature crescent moon is depicted on the wearer s middle finger. Two moons and the sun.

While tattoos might be becoming as popular as pierced ears in fact whole foods might soon offer inking services there are still certain ones reserved for select members of society. Small full moon tattoo on bicep. By putting the small tattoo in white ink it becomes more delicate and feminine than the classic black line art.

It is feminism personified. Adding colors to your tattoo designs always make a difference and makes them more attractive. Its shape also resembles the shape of a woman s body.

Here are some simple moon tattoo ideas. Half moon half sun tattoo. This tattoo is a small line art crescent moon done in a white ink technique on the ring finger.

Cycles of the moon. A tandem of half moon and half sun on the sleeve tattoo. It finds its associations with fertility and the menstrual cycle.

As the sun is traditionally associated with masculine and the moon with feminine they can mean you and your beloved person. See more ideas about moon tattoo finger tattoos tattoos. Moon is a spiritual symbol and worshiped by many people.

The moon is colored in blue and it coincides with the qualities of silver which are a purifying and clarifying energy. Outline sun and outline moon tattoos on wrist. Crescent moon tattoos are also known as half moon and it is when moon is going towards its new phase.

The half moon tattoo is one of the best tiny finger tattoos for women. May 16 2017 explore tattoomaze s board moon tattoo on finger followed by 9741 people on pinterest.

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