Instagram Model Tattoos Eyes

Now the young model is sharing her story.

Instagram model tattoos eyes. She claims piotr a told her it was. She has hundreds of tattoos a split tongue pointed ear implants and tattooed blue eyes. That last one caused her to go blind for three weeks luke claims.

You think they re going to be. Amber luke an australian woman known for extreme body modifications recently had the whites of her eyes tattooed blue. Instagram model becomes laughing stock with badly translated tattoo.

Hit me up girls if you need a legit sugar daddy mummy i m the plug guys the best connect you can get. A polish woman said she has lost sight in one of her eyes and may go totally blind after getting her eyeballs died black using standard ink for skin tattoos according to metro aleksandra sadowska 25 said she was inspired by popek a polish rapper famous for dying the whites of his eyes black according to legal papers filed against her tattoo artist piotr a sadowska complained of sharp pain in her eyes immediately after the procedure metro reported. Luke who has dubbed herself blue eyes white dragon revealed her latest design a giant quote tattoo on her right cheek that reads they come they go to mixed reviews on instagram.

Amber luke is a popular instagram model who goes by the name blue eyes white dragon online and has gained a large following by posting photos of her extreme body procedures. Rebecca shepherd in news. Last updated 4 48 pm wednesday october 10 2018 gmt 1.

Ig model blinded after getting her eyeballs tattooed nov 6 2019 an australian instagram model says she was blinded for nearly a month after getting a tattoo on her eyeballs. The tattoo was meant to have tinted her sclera the white part of her eye but instead went terribly wrong causing pain and possible permanent impairment. Amber luke instagram new south wales australia a woman who has already spent thousands on tattoos says she went blind after undergoing a procedure to tattoo the whites of her eyes.

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