Japanese Fish Tattoo On Leg

The ankle is a sexy spot for girls to get tattoos especially tribal tattoos like this japanese fish tat.

Japanese fish tattoo on leg. Japanese tattoos are highly influenced by traditional 17th century woodblock printing. If you are brave and willing to exert all your energy and will just to be able to surpass the difficulties blocking your way koi fish tattoo is perfect for you. Japanese leg tattoo japanese legs japanese tattoo designs japanese sleeve tattoos tattoo designs men tattoo life tattoo motive tattoos bein body art tattoos 廓然無聖 horiwaku.

The leg is another ideal placement for koi fish tattoos. According to legend any koi that is able to scale the waterfall known as dragon s gate will be transformed into a dragon. Japanese koi fish tattoo koi fish are of particular importance in japanese culture.

This fish which could be a koi fish is inked in black on the outside of this girl s right ankle. The fish tattoo on this girl s ankle is inked in black.

Koi tattoo design below looks cute in the one colour used and fits well in the thighs. The upper part of the back is another suitable place for wearing koi fish tattoos. The leg is not only long but also has a wider space which makes the increasing process to happen easily.

Most of the meaning and symbolism behind the fish stems from this ancient legend. Even though this ankle tat probably hurt a lot the japanese fish is super cute and was probably well worth it. Koi fishes are known to be courageous they swim upstream even if it is too hard for them.

It s therefore unsurprising that the majority of koi fish based tattoos are done in the japanese style.

Source : tattoopint.com