Sacred Heart Sternum Tattoo

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Sacred heart sternum tattoo. Red for the heart with a golden glow in the center a dark contrasting color for the almost razor wire appearing thorns flames in the traditional orange red and yellows the cross that s open for discussion with your tattoo artist. Basically the heart of the sacred tattoo is the sacred heart of jesus the fire of the sacred heart of jesus tattoo represent jesus divine love and its transforming power and the cross usually stand for the. See more ideas about sacred heart tattoos heart tattoo sacred heart.

Tiny sacred heart chest tattoo source. The image of the sacred heart is a representation of christ s suffering but also his life and good works. The sacred heart signifies the redeeming love of god as the source of illumination and happiness hence the flames and the thorns representing the crown of thorns that christ wore on the cross.

Coloring of sacred heart tattoos. In some designs the sacred heart is colored usually red and gold so that it becomes the main focus of the tattoo. Perfectly situated to be close to the physical heart a small sacred heart is an ideal and meaningful chest tattoo.

Sacred heart the sacred heart is a medieval symbol of christ s sacrifice particularly within the roman catholic church. Sacred heart chest tattoos. Sacred heart tattoos are found in color in old school style especially in europe and black and grey in realistic or new school styles especially in america and in the chicano population.

Pieces that include jesus christ are often done in greyscale to create a somber and regal tone. A different take on the iconic sacred heart tattoo motif done by italian tattoo artists miriam. Sacred heart tattoos are most beautiful in colored ink.

They are worn by catholic people in general on visible locations neck hands sleeves but also close to the heart on the chest. That said not all chest pieces need to be big. Sacred heart tattoo meanings.

The bright colors are a cool distinction from the dark shadows. After the sleeve the chest fights it out with the back for the best piece of canvas for a large tattoo. Most importantly sacre d heart images represent the undying love of jesus christ for the world mankind which is actually circulated for whole generations.

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