Scar Cover Up Tattoo Artists

Constellation scar coverup selfharm after several years of dealing with depression anxiety eating disorders suicide attempts and self harm i got my tattoo of the leo constellation my zodiac sign around my self harm scars along my thighs said izzy.

Scar cover up tattoo artists. Mar 29 2016 explore trish johnson s board scar tattoos followed by 107 people on pinterest. It s not an easy task because you have to pick the best shapes colors and placement for the tattoo to efficiently cover the spots up. Because all scars are different and all artists have unique styles it s important to find a tattoo artist who both fits your aesthetic and has a fair amount of experience tattooing over scars.

Call tattoo shops in your area and ask whether they have artists who have. The first step in getting a tattoo to cover a scar is finding a reputable tattoo artist with experience covering scars. Because these tattoos require more effort time and precision going with an experienced artist means that your tattoo will look good during both the tattooing and healing processes.

The tattoo artist known as ngoc on her social media spends lots of time designing tattoos for people who want to hide their imperfections. Constellation scar tattoo cover up of izzy via buzzfeed. See more ideas about scar tattoo tattoos scar.

Tattoo artists are incredibly talented and creative people who can often relish the extra challenge of working with a scar or a birthmark to create something truly unique. I would love to share with you some advice a little about my tattoo process and some of my client s amazing scar cover up tattoo stories. Faces are also generally more challenging to cover because your artist will have to distort a face into a new design.

While most tattoos are eligible for a cover up the more photo realistic the tattoo is the more challenging the cover up will be because tattoo cover ups often work best when the same style is used for the new tattoo. This list compiled by bored panda is full of beautiful funny and downright genius ways that tattoos have transformed old wounds and marks and healed some of the mental scars that came with them.

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