South Korean Tattoo Artists

South korean artist hongdam offers an alternative to big and garish tattoo designs.

South korean tattoo artists. These south korean tattoo artists are meant to put on your list when you book that flight to seoul. Most korean tattoo artists have an instagram page so if these aren t your thing that s the best way to find someone who is. Here s your guide to the controversial practice.

His distinct style is light and elegant but while it appears minimalistic each intricate piece consists of a huge amount of detail. Basically tattoos are seen as a medical procedure that should. Despite their tendency to venture other tattoo styles hongdam is an ace with watercolor and fine line tattoos which are perfect for that subtle.

And as a site that prides itself on showcasing the best artists and designs from around the world we ve become quite familiar with a number of south korean tattoo artists that are consistently creating jaw dropping works of art that. As of late korean tattoo artists have been taking the tattoo industry by storm. With this list as a starting point foreigners in seoul who want tattoos can have confidence that they ll be able to find an artist they can talk to.

If you re looking to get inked in south korea here are 7 seoul based instagram tattoo artists to look out for on your next visit to seoul and yes all of them can speak english. We re loving hongdam s versatility in tattoos. The reasoning makes sense but doesn t reflect the current state of tattooing.

Probably the popular floral korean tattoo to get would be the hibiscus syriacus or the mugunghwa. In their national anthem south korea is compared to the flower. There was a time not so very long ago when people with tattoos were not allowed.

It s the national flower of south korea and is a very popular choice of korean tattoo. Tattoos aren t illegal in south korea and you ll see youngsters sporting ink everywhere you go. In the past several years south korea has becoming a powerhouse for great tattoo artists.

The standards are equal to what you d expect and with some of the most incredible tattoo artists in south korea are below for you to choose from. But technically their practice is considered illegal in the eyes of the south korean government. You re bound to come out with something special.

There are many other popular choices for a floral korean tattoo. After all south korean tattooists are some of the best in the world and while most remain low key their unique artwork continues to gain local and international fans through social media. Korean tattoo artist hongdam instagram.

And they re all korean. These tattoo artists are nothing short of amazing. Getting a tattoo however is illegal under korean law it s viewed as a medical service and only allowed if the tattooist is also a qualified medical practitioner.

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