Sun And Moon Line Tattoo

These matching tattoos are done simplistically with black outlining and simple shading.

Sun and moon line tattoo. Both planets have standalone meanings. Sun and moon tattoo design is one of the classic tattoo designs preferred by both men and women. Across the world in many cultures and religions sun and moon are represented through art.

The front also represents the purity of existence of the deity on it. Wearers often let the these opposite sides coexist within them and continue to shine as a person. These classic dual gender tattoos feature both the sun and the moon separate or intertwined and are popular across cultures geographies and genders.

For example one popular moon tattoo design is that of the moon s phases. A woman can actually relate to her phases considering her body goes through monthly phases as well. Sun and moon tattoo meaning as previously mentioned the sun and moon tattoo is often known as the yin and yang of celestial bodies.

The sun and the moon are like the yin and yang of the heavens. As a tattoo this design could represent being able to accept the good things and bad things in life without bias. When you get this tattoo you are getting a symbol of both sides of the world.

With a face in it the tattoo looks more realistic and alive. Sun and moon tattoos are like yin and yang tattoos except way cuter representing opposing forces in our universe and within ourselves. The most popular sun and moon tattoos are having the face in them.

Find and save ideas about moon tattoos on pinterest. Sun and moon are looked upon as life and death yin and yang and masculinity and femininity. Sun and moon tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs among couples.

The sun and moon tattoo where the two images are combined really grab the essence of the yin yang symbol. This symbol brings balance and for those with this tattoo on their body they are trying to invoke some of that balance in their life. This is the reason why many boys and girls madly in love with each other opt for this tattoo design.

Here we present you 50 awesome sun and moon tattoos ideas for couples along with its meaning and ideal placement. It reflects the beauty and balance between these two opposing divine forces. The sun and moon can make wonderful tattoos even if they are not depicted together.

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