Tattoo Stretch Marks Skin Color

Essentially the idea is you fill in the lighter colored stretch marks with an ink identical to your skin tone and voila silk smooth flawless body achieved.

Tattoo stretch marks skin color. Color can be replaced via tattooing in many instances. What should i expect when getting a tattoo over a stretch mark. Stretch marks usually fade from red or purple to white leaving indented streaks that don t plump back up.

Sometimes even vitiligo although that doesn t always work. As the stretch marks age the skin begins to heal further. Scars and stretch marks work the best.

And it involves tattoos. Stretch marks develop and fade in a similar manner. She works out of offices in new york city beverly hills and paris using a digital tattoo pen with a technique called nano color infusion according to glamour there are two steps.

If there is little variation from the surrounding skin then it may be a relatively seamless procedure. Any de pigmented skin has more trouble holding color due to the absence of melanin. Bring in rodolpho torres a tattoo artist from brazil who is using skin toned ink to tattoo over stretch marks in his now famous camouflaging method which you can find evidence of on his instagram.

Color can be added to areas that are completely de pigmented such as from tattoo laser removal too. Dominique bossavy is the genius cosmetic tattoo artist behind this insane before and after image. The first is to fix the stretch marks indentation.

Skin type elasticity size and color of your stretch marks make a big difference. Recent stretch marks are usually red or purple in color and can even become itchy. The more raised and the greater the variation however the less consistent the tattoo will appear and therefore you should not consider a design that depends.

Retinol creams and laser treatments like fraxel can help by lightening scars or promoting. Nanocolor stretch marks camouflage can address 2 aspect of the stretch marks the color and the texture making them less visible.

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