Zayn Malik Right Arm Tattoo

The upper right arm of the singer is inked with a monkey wearing an astronaut s helmet.

Zayn malik right arm tattoo. In some places he has ink that looks insignificant and minuscule while on the other hand he has an entire sleeve tattooed on his arm. Zayn malik tattoos are all over himself and true to his form he sticks to not one style. Zayn got a folded bandana tattooed around his upper right arm back in november of 2012.

Flower tattoo on wrist. Although one of zayn malik s major tattoo goals was completing the half sleeve on his right arm the one direction singer took a break from the arm tattoos zayn malik new zealand faintail bird tattoo do you guys remember how we joked about zayn and mirrors. These shapes are placed adjacent to the lightning bolt and space monkey tattoo.

Zayn also has a tattoo with the words zap written in a cartoon style on his right arm. The upper right arm of zayn malik is inked with few geometrical shapes including 2 squares 1 triangle and 1 circle. Half the tattoo is covered by his sleeve.

It was believed the tattoo was inspired by zayn and perrie but zayn insists it s just a sign. Aside from proving he s got skills in the kitchen the photo showed the top of his right arm where the large cartoon of perrie was no longer visible. Geometric shapes on upper arm.

Since the singers been snapped wearing the clothing item multiple times it s believed that he got the ink simply because he likes it.

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